How a Cracked Foundation Effects It’s Value

Apr 9, 2022

If you’re considering placing your home up for sale, of course you want to get the best price that you can for it. But there could be problems that go unnoticed throughout your home that can drastically affect and decrease the value of your property. Having a cracked foundation, for example, is something that may not always be obvious to the casual observer, but it’s one thing that needs to be identified and addressed before you place that house up on the market. Here’s why:

Safety Issue

When it comes to having a cracked foundation throughout your home, it can place an immediate peg in the wheel when it comes to selling. When you hear the words cracked foundation, the first things that generally comes to mind are, “Is the house safe? Is my family safe? Is the house going to fall down?” Well, it might not be as extreme as having your house collapse, but you’d be surprised how tiny cracks can develop into nightmare-ish problems over time.

But the bottom line is that no potential buyer wants to place their money on a home that may have safety issues underlying it. Any signs that it has a weakened foundation can have buyers dismiss your home in an instant.

Mold Growth

Generally, where cracks develop, there tends to be moisture not too far behind. Often, this persistent moisture causes foundations to become fragile over time. And where there is moisture lingering, mold and mildew spores have a much greater chance of developing and spreading. Those darkened spots you see present in areas along the corners of the basement walls are a sure sign that mold is present. No one wants to deal with a home that has a moldy basement!

Get it Fixed

The bottom line is that you’ve to get these issues fixed before you consider placing your home on the market. Ignoring these issues may be something you can easily do, but for potential buyers, you can bet that every inch of your home – especially your basement – will be observed carefully for any signs of cracks and mold. And where there are cracks and mold, you can bet there won’t be a ton of offers rolling in to purchase it.

So bite the bullet, invest in the proper foundation repairs and give your home the best chance of selling for top dollar when you post that For Sale sign up. Even better, The Crack Doctor’s foundation repairs and basement waterproofing repairs come with a lifetime transferrable warranty, so even when you sell the new homeowner will have the benefit of our warranty work for life.

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