Popular Toronto Winter Renovations Includes Basement Finishing

Nov 26, 2014

As the cold weather starts to hit in Toronto, it’s an important reminder for us get started on preparing our houses for the winter. While outdoor renovations aren’t particularly fancied, given the cold conditions, there are a variety of renovations you can do indoors, including working on your basement finishing!

Make use of your days inside the house by tackling some of these home improvement projects:

  • Get started on your basement finishing: Winter seems as good a time as any to finally get started on finishing up your basement. Before you start, make sure your basement is completely dry and doesn’t have any mould problems. You can contact a waterproofing expert such as The Crack Doctor for a free assessment. Basements offer a great alternative living space; simply determine what kind of space you would like your basement to be, and then work on the lighting, painting and insulation to get it ready for the spring! Check out some of our basement finishing recommendations to spruce up your home!
  • Add insulation: It’s always recommended to add insulation to areas around the house where energy could be lost. Conduct an energy audit to find out which areas you need to insulate, whether it’s the ceiling, wall or basement. You will enjoy considerable savings on your energy bill, and you can enjoy the comforts of a warm, toasty house!
  • Replace interior doors: If you take a close look at your doors, you may notice numerous scratches, paint cracks and marks. An easy fix is to replace the old door with a new, styled door that fits with all the renovations you have done on your house. There are many door options you can go for, offering different types, design styles, hinges and doorknobs to choose from.
  • Work on the bathroom: Are you finding your faucet leaking whenever you use it? Do you notice small amounts of mould growing on the grout between the tiles? It’s perhaps time to update and upgrade your bathroom. For more ambitious projects (such as replacing the bathtub or flooring), we suggest you contact a professional contractor and plumber in order to ensure everything is done right.

Get active during the winter, and get your house looking good. For more information on basement repairs you can do, contact The Crack Doctor today at 1-866-788-3288!

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