After the Freeze-Thaw Cycle of the Winter, Toronto Property Owners May Need Basement Leak Repair

Jan 5, 2015

Wintertime in the Toronto area may feel cold most of the time to us, but that doesn’t mean that the ground stays frozen solid for several months despite the chilliness in the air. The earth actually goes through a number of freeze-thaw cycles, during which time the dirt around your property’s foundation will expand and contract. The average temperatures for Toronto and the surrounding communities fluctuate between 0 degrees Celsius as a high and about -9 degrees Celsius as a low. Thus, as these forces of nature encourage the earth to push against the foundation of your home, your foundation may begin to give way, necessitating basement leak repair.

How to Know if Basement Leak Repair Is Needed

While only a professional basement waterproofing company like The Crack Doctor can tell how extensive the damage to your foundation has become, you can usually see that your basement has begun to let water into the house. Therefore, you will typically realize it’s time to take some sort of action.

A few of the numerous signs of a problem include:

  • Cracks that are visible from the inside or outside of the home.
  • Mould in the corners or along the walls of the basement.
  • Water that enters the house every time there is a thaw.
  • The sound of dripping water in the walls.

These are all indications that the thaw-freeze cycle could have finally damaged the foundation of your property, and they need to be taken seriously.

The Faster You Get Basement Leak Repair, The More Your Foundation Will Be Able to Withstand Future Winters

It can be tempting to put off calling The Crack Doctor about your wet basement or related foundation issues, but don’t give in to that temptation. The longer you wait to invest in basement leak repair services, the more widespread the problem will become. It’s better to permanently waterproof your basement this year than to hope that next year’s freezing and thawing won’t have an effect, because it most certainly will without an expert’s intervention.

Don’t wait to take care of that wet, leaky basement that’s seen far too many wintertime freeze-thaw cycles! Call The Crack Doctor right away at 1-866-788-3288.

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