Do’s and Don’ts for Basement Waterproofing

May 12, 2015

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with a wet and leaky basement, it’s time to make a change. Follow these dos and don’ts for basement waterproofing courtesy of The Crack Doctor:

DO Inspect Your Basement

If you never go into your basement, a problem can spiral out of control before you ever notice. When you spot basement moisture problems, you can protect your home and save yourself a lot of money in the long run. Inspect your basement regularly for signs of water damage like water stains, cracks in the concrete, visible condensation, or a damp and musty smell.

DO Trust the Experts

For the talented team at The Crack Doctor, fixing wet basement problems is a full-time job. We have years of experience and a long track record of fixing basements all over Ontario from Burlington to Ottawa. We have the specialized knowledge and professional equipment to fix anything from the smallest crack to a basement that is waist-deep in water. No wet basement problem is too big for our basement waterproofing services to handle.

DO Protect Your Foundation from Water

Water reaching your foundation is what leads to wet basement problems. You need to make sure rainwater is always directed away from your foundation walls. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean and undamaged and that your yard slopes away from the home. You can schedule an inspection to determine if your home has any vulnerabilities that make it more susceptible to basement water damage.

DON’T Ignore the Problem

Never assume your wet basement issue isn’t a big deal or put it off until another day. If moisture infiltrates your basement without being treated, your home could develop a mold or mildew problem. With prolonged exposure, wood will rot and concrete will deteriorate, and the entire structural integrity of your home could be compromised. Address the problem early and prevent the problem (and your repair bill) from multiplying.

DON’T Do it Yourself

A DIY approach is fine for weekend woodworking projects or knitting a blanket. Your home’s foundation is way too important to mess with on your own. Not only could you waste time and money without fixing the problem, you could make the problem worse or even hurt yourself using equipment that you aren’t familiar with. Trust the basement waterproofing experts and save yourself the time and hassle.

Follow these dos and don’ts to solve or prevent wet basement problems.

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