First-Time Flooding in Your Home Could Signal Basement Leaks

Mar 1, 2014

Many homeowners are far too relaxed when it comes to initial flooding in their homes’ lower levels, especially if it’s just a bit of water. They simply assume that the problem is a one-time or short-term challenge to be overcome. The truth is that first-time flooding a basement could be a huge red flag that shouldn’t be ignored.

All flooding in the interior of a home or business needs to be taken incredibly seriously. In the majority of cases, what can be seen with the naked eye (i.e., the puddles around the corners of a room or in the middle of the floor) are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. More than likely, those areas of moisture are a symptom, not a problem in and of themselves.

The core issue is usually one involving the foundation of the property. In all honesty, that problem will not rectify itself. Ignoring it will only allow it to fester and grow. Besides, if the wetness is where a homeowner can see it, it’s also where a homeowner cannot. Thus, the chances are quite high that there is mold growing behind the walls or under the floorboards, which can be a huge health hazard to all those living or working within the building. A wet basement with mold can also negatively affect the residence’s real estate value.

This is why it’s critical to bring in the assistance of a professional who understands how to get to the bottom of any basement leak issue. From the first moment the flooding occurs, a phone call needs to be made. Only then can remedial steps be undertaken.

For homeowners and business owners in Ontario who are worried about the state of their basement areas, a phone call to the Crack Doctor can initiate a consultation to remedy the situation.

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