Fix Your Leaky Basement before Going on Vacation

Jul 1, 2014

Are you planning to take some time off this year? This summer is a great time to get away from Ottawa and take an extended vacation. (Who knows when the weather will turn again!) Before you go, make sure to check whether there are any outstanding repairs you need to address in your house, such as a leaky basement. You don’t want to come back home to a water crisis!

Basement leaks can be serious and costly to fix if you don’t tackle them early. They occur because there’s excess water outside your house, and when you have cracks in your foundation, the water will seep through it. If the weather is frequently rainy, you can expect more water to accumulate around your foundation and push against the cracks. In a severe situation, the pressure against the walls may lead to structural problems and will require a foundation repair.

Leaky basements aren’t just an aesthetic problem; they are also a health concern. The moisture released from basement leaks produces mould. Given enough time, the mould will germinate and you may find yourself with aggravated health problems such as allergies, respiratory problems and headaches.

If you notice there are visible cracks along the walls or a strong musty smell indicative of mould growth, you may have a leaky basement problem on hand. It’s best to call in a professional waterproofing contractor, such as The Crack Doctor, and get it solved immediately before your vacation starts. Weather in Ottawa can be notoriously difficult to predict. If you decide to wait until after your vacation, you are taking the risk of the problem getting worse.

Take the proactive approach and fix your leaky basement now! Contact us at our Ottawa location, and we’ll help you get the peace of mind you deserve before you head off for your vacation.

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