Leaky Basement Repair: A Recipe for Health and Happiness for Your Oshawa Home

Oct 14, 2014

In the pursuit of health and happiness, we’ll let you in on a secret that every Oshawa homeowner thinks they know, but often than not, don’t do. It’s a simple concept, and it all comes down to whether your house is healthy. Are you limiting the exposure of toxic chemicals in your home? Is your house free from toxic mould? Are there basement leaks and wall cracks that you noticed but haven’t fixed yet? These are all important questions to ask, because of course, research has shown extensively that healthiness is important for happiness.

More importantly, if you notice that your basement is smelling mustier than ever (if that ever was possible!), there’s visible mould on the bottom part of the drywall, and a wet puddle of water by your carpet or flooring, this may indicate that you require a leaky basement repair. It’s always recommended to get this repair done as soon as possible, because if left to persist, those non-toxic mould that were only specks of black dots on your wall, will grow and evolve to be toxic. Toxic mould has been known to aggravate allergies, and cause difficulty in breathing.

If you’re starting to now think about what you can do to create a healthier and happier home, that’s great news! Because we can help you mitigate your problem. The Crack Doctor has years of experience fixing basement leaks and managing mould remediation. Call us today at 1-866-788-3288, and we’ll get you healthier and happier again!

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