Selling your home: From basement leak repair to staging ideas

Feb 5, 2014

Any individuals or families in Ontario interested in selling a home in the next few months have terrific opportunities to ensure that their residence stands out from others.  With just a few details, a house can really take on a whole new ambiance.  It can also be prepared in such a way as to make a buyer jump at the chance to own it.

A few of the most practical ways to make sure a home is ready to be put on the market include:

  1. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior rooms.  Color choices should be neutral, and not bold.
  2. Repairing any basement leak issues, as well as foundation cracks or problems.
  3. Replacing old fixtures with newer ones.
  4. Taking all family photographs off the walls and shelves.
  5. Removing all the clutter from rooms so they look more pristine and less messy.
  6. Ensuring the house smells fresh, and not like greasy foods or cigarettes.
  7. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner to address all the rugs in the home.
  8. Scouring every surface in the bathroom and kitchen areas, as well as the laundry (if needed.)
  9. Making all the beds each morning in anticipation of any realtor showings.
  10. Purchasing new appliances if the old ones give a “too dated” appearance.
  11. Hiding all garbage bins and baskets so trash is not obvious to visitors.
  12. Eliminating pet odors and stains using special products.
  13. Repairing any wall cracks around windowsills or doorways.
  14. Buying and installing new flooring in rooms where the current flooring is shabby or cracking.
  15. Redoing all hardwood floors, windows, doors and stairways.
  16. Making sure all windows have treatments and aren’t left bare.
  17. Clearing off any walkways on the exterior of the home.
  18. Making certain the landscaping is appropriately addressed.
  19. Keeping sinks and vanities clean and without any health and beauty supplies except for soap and perhaps hand lotion.
  20. Cleaning the chimney and flue (if applicable.)

By taking a strong lead, homeowners can absolutely ensure that they miss no details.  In a real estate market that’s swelling with buyers all clamoring for the “perfect” house, this is especially critical.

To address any foundation issues, such as basement leak concerns, contact The Crack Doctor to schedule an onsite consultation.

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