Understanding Hydrostatic Pressure

Oct 26, 2021

Hydrostatic pressure sounds fancy, but it’s really just another term for “water pressure.” Hydrostatic pressure has the potential to trigger leakage into the basement of your home. If you’re having problems with water in your basement, you should know that understanding hydrostatic pressure will be the key to taking action which leads to a drier basement.

A Main Cause of Basement Water Damage

When water damage occurs in a basement, it has the capacity to lead to an array of problems, all of which may impact your safety and comfort. Getting these issues resolved quickly is the key to restoring a safe and comfortable home…and it will also protect your home investment.

What is Hydrostatic Pressure?

Hydrostatic pressure is another term for water pressure and it triggers a lot of problems with basements and water collection. When it rains, the earth around your basement becomes soaked with H2O. Most drains don’t sufficiently relieve this increase in water pressure. As well, drains may become clogged and this causes even more pressure to build.

Why You Should Address Hydrostatic Pressure

Water is heavy – if you’ve ever had to lug a water cooler jug, you know this all too well. Hydrostatic pressure is therefore something that you should think about and treat. It’s possible to decrease this pressure with the right home improvements and adjustments. Any tiny crack in a foundation may admit water and this is why it’s always a threat. It’s safe to say that water will find a way to enter your basement unless you take steps to prevent its entrance. However, you do not have to do all of the hard work yourself!

Most homeowners find relief from water pressure woes that affect their basements by asking for professional help. This means retaining the services of a local wet basement repair or foundation repair company like The Crack Doctor. We know all of the right strategies for making things better, such as installing systems that act as barriers against hydrostatic pressure and its ill effects.

Waterproofing systems are great investments, as long as they are installed by competent professionals. They have the power to keep a lot of water out, if not all of it, and they make homes safer, healthier places to be. Concealed interior drains and sump pumps are often elements of basement waterproofing systems.

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Now that you know more about hydrostatic pressure, why not get help with your basement water problems? Give us a call and we’ll come evaluate the problem and give you an estimate. If we’re on the same page, we’ll get started right away.

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