What to Do About a Leaky Basement When Selling Your Home

Jun 24, 2022

If you are preparing to put your home on the market, there are so many things to consider, that it can almost be overwhelming. You’re worried about finding an agent, setting the list price, packing your belongings, and even scrubbing 15 years of grease off the oven fan. If you have a leaky basement, this is yet another concern to deal with, but it’s extremely important because it could affect the sale or price of your home. Here’s what will happen if you put your home on the market without addressing the leaky basement problem beforehand:

Initial Showing

The fact is, you can’t hide a wet basement problem from potential homebuyers. When they walk through your home during an open house or showing, do you think they’ll somehow ignore the damp and musty smell once they head down to the basement? Do you expect they’ll overlook the water stains, peeling paint, wall cracks, and other signs of water damage? Either they’ll cross your home off the list and move on to a home with fewer headaches, or they’ll make a reduced offer.

Home Inspection

Even if a potential buyer likes the rest of your home enough to make an offer, it will almost certainly be conditional on an inspection. Any good home inspector will thoroughly inspect the home and foundation for cracks and signs of water damage. They’ll measure moisture and humidity levels to detect things behind the walls that you can’t see. At this point, either the buyers walk away or chop thousands off their offer. In the rare instance that a home inspector doesn’t uncover a basement leak problem that you know exists, you could wind up in massive legal trouble for failing to disclose these home defects if you lie about them.

Patchwork Repair

As part of the process of preparing your home for sale, you may think that doing some minor repairs will be sufficient to make the sale. Whether this is putting a dehumidifier in the basement or getting a DIY crack repair kit at a hardware store, these lazy solutions will just be a waste of money when the inspection still turns up big problems. Solve your leaky basement right the first time instead.

Clearly, your best course of action if you want to have a smooth and successful home sale is to address your leaky basement problem beforehand. Call a trusted waterproofing company with years of experience and BBB accreditation, like the Crack Doctor. Fix the problem so you can sell your home faster, for more money.

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