5 Common Mistakes Made When Hiring a Wet Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Jun 17, 2013

Looking to get wet basement waterproofing done? Selecting the right contractor can mean the difference between a warm, dry space and money down the drain. Here are some key points to take note of when making your choice.

5 Common Mistakes

  • Picking a contractor based on pricing: While we might not always get what we pay for, we never get what don’t pay for so don’t try too hard to save that extra dollar with a waterproofing project. Not only is the work dangerous – requiring the necessary insurance and WSIB coverage – but, the industry is largely populated by companies who are not always what they appear to be. Effective basement waterproofing might seem expensive but the alternative is ineffective basement waterproofing which is always more expensive in the long run.
  • Not paying attention to credentials: Since basement waterproofing is a dangerous and difficult job involving many different activities it is important to see the company’s proof of insurance – not just hearing about it. In the event of a workplace accident your contractor will also need WSIB coverage. If an accident occurs and there is no WSIB coverage the government call sell your house to pay for the injured workers recovery. In addition to this a qualified company may also have some certifications for this type of work, licences and awards can also be a good indication of credibility.
  • References: This can be more than a little misleading since even the worst contractor might have a few customers, friends and(or) family members with something nice to say. To this day the bench mark of reliable credibility is still the BBB. That is the only place one can be assured of an unbiased record of professional conduct which cannot be manipulated.
  • No written estimate: Contractors can say all kinds of things but unless it’s in writing it doesn’t mean anything. Make sure to detail all those little things that were discussed while you were walking around with him or, they could be lost in a cloud of discussion. One of the most important things to remember is that someone who takes cash without charging tax is a criminal and as such no contracts or estimates are valid.
  • No idea of waterproofing options: These days every home improvement store has a do it yourself (DIY) kit for temporary foundation cracks and waterproofing repairs. It’s important to remember that since this industry is largely unregulated, many waterproofing companies use these products and make claims which exceed the manufacturer’s expectations – so do your research and get a few estimates. We believe a well educated customer is the best customer.

The Crack Doctor is an award-winning, fully accredited basement waterproofing company servicing all of Southern Ontario. Our quality work is backed by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty providing our clients with total peace of mind. If you find a better price for a similar or comparable service, we will match it.

We also offer a Free 50 point foundation assessment to prevent any future wet basement issues.

Request your estimate for wet basement waterproofing from The Crack Doctor today!

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