7 Reasons Every Homeowner Should Have a Waterproofed Basement in Toronto

Apr 5, 2014

A waterproofed basement offers many benefits to both the homeowner and any occupants living within the house (including the four-legged furry kind!)  Surprisingly, there are many people living in the Toronto area who have still not chosen to deal with their wet basement issues.

To get them thinking about the advantages of getting their basement waterproofed, we want to offer the following seven reasons that a dry basement is the only way to go!

#1:  The basement can become a usable space.

Many homeowners in Toronto lament that they can’t use the square footage in their basements because the basements periodically flood.  That’s a waste of space.  It’s also unnecessary!  Waterproofing that area of the house could enable them to at least use the basement for storage, even if they don’t want to enter into a full-blown renovation to turn it into a living space.

#2:  The property value will remain at a reasonable level.

Properties in Toronto with basements that periodically become wet are simply less attractive to home buyers than are those that have been waterproofed by expert consultants such as The Crack Doctor.  When a homeowner can provide information showing that a property has a waterproofing guarantee, he is more likely to woo potential buyers.

#3:  The health of the home’s residents won’t be harmed.

A wet basement is a health hazard for numerous reasons.  Excess moisture leads to mould growth, which in turn can create the ideal atmosphere for respiratory problems such as asthma.  Additionally, those suffering from conditions like COPD may find that living in a home with a wet basement is nearly impossible.

#4:  A dry basement acts as “insurance” for any items stored downstairs.

Many homeowners choose to store their seasonal or not-currently-in-use items in the basement.  These can be anything from documents to Christmas ornaments.  If the basement does not remain dry, those items could be either damaged or destroyed.  In the case of some objects, like photographs, there is no way they can be replaced.

#5:  A waterproofed basement is less attractive to rodents and insects.

Let’s face it: Bugs and mice love a damp basement!  In fact, there are many types of “creepy-crawlies” that thrive in wet basement areas.  One way to ensure that they aren’t attracted a home is to waterproof the basement.  Without moisture, the insects and rodents will make their nests elsewhere.

#6:  A house with a dry basement smells better than one with a wet basement.

Who wants to walk into a home and smell mildew?  Not only is it disturbing, but it can be embarrassing, too.  Waterproofed basements won’t make the rest of the house smell like an old sponge.

#7:  A waterproofed home will bring peace of mind.

Finally, there is the age-old factor of “peace of mind”.  This is enormously important to people in Toronto, as well it should be!  When the rain is pouring down outside, there is no worry that the basement will be flooded if it has been waterproofed by a company like The Crack Doctor.

Don’t wait to schedule waterproofing on a home’s basement.  It’s an investment that pays for itself time and again.

Looking for a team of experts to help waterproof your basement area?  Choose The Crack Doctor for all your Toronto basement waterproofing needs.

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