Protect Your Toronto Commercial Property with Basement Waterproofing

Dec 15, 2014

Do you currently own a commercial space with a basement in Toronto? Is your basement ready to be rented out, or does it remain vacant and unoccupied? For building owners who want to maximize the value of their properties and to protect their financial investments, they should consider hiring a waterproofing expert for a complete basement waterproofing job.

Basement waterproofing is a proven technique that professionals such as The Crack Doctor use to prevent water from entering the building through the lower level. There are interior and exterior waterproofing methods, and options that either require digging or can be completed without digging.

The benefits of waterproofing your commercial property are enormous.

During the rainy and snowy season, your property can experience constant pressure from dampness, causing foundation cracks that ultimately lead to a wet basement. Wet basements are notorious for causing mould and property damage. If you were able to waterproof your basement before such incidents occurred, you can find yourself saving huge amounts of money in wet basement repairs, mould remediation, maintenance costs, and replacement of your possessions. It’s important to find a waterproofing professional that guarantees a permanent waterproofing solution, and provides a lifetime warranty.

Having a permanent dry basement also means you can rent it out either together with another unit, or by itself. More people are recognizing the benefits of using office furniture and interior design practices to make use of the basement office space, and choosing to spend their money there. For example, even without windows, advanced, natural-light lamps can be used to provide a light source and make the basement more inviting.

If you’re ready to invest in protecting your property now, give The Crack Doctor a call at 1-866-788-3288. We offer full insurance coverage and a lifetime transferrable warranty.

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