What is the Source of Your Kitchener Basement Leak?

Apr 4, 2016

People often consider turning their basements into something more useful, like a guest bedroom, a home office, or a media room. If your basement is damp or musty, this needs to be addressed first before you can start the renovation project. Basements can be a great part of homes, but if there is a leak then you’ve got a big headache on your hands. The last thing you want to do is renovate a space, and lay down new flooring and drywall, only to have it ruined by a leak.

Kitchener Basement Waterproofing

Basement leaks are a common problem for homeowners in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph and the surrounding area. Addressing basement leaks can be fairly easy or very complex, depending on the source of the problem and the extent of the damage. It is vital that you identify the true source of a basement leak before proceeding with renovations.

Common Sources of Basements Leaks in Kitchener

Firstly, water in the basement can come from more than one source. Water may leak from eavestroughs, pipes, sewers, or the foundation, or seep through cracks in the walls. All leaks can be fixed, but the repair process is different for all of them.

If you notice a leak in one area of the basement ceiling which also happens to be the floor of a bathroom, then the water is probably coming from the tub, shower, sink or toilet. Get in the bathroom and find that leak. If you are lucky, then a little re-caulking around the tub might do the trick. If that is not it, then the problem is more elaborate and you will need a plumber to fix it. Address the problem quickly to limit the damage!

If you happen to see a puddle in the basement then it could probably be condensation from the pipes. Thankfully, this is no big issue and simply sealing the pipe and covering it with foam (insulation) will prevent the water from dripping.

Storms and winds can blow in a lot of debris and leaves in the downspouts and block it. As a result, the water doesn’t drain away properly and rather drips down the walls and of your house. Clear away the downspouts and drains around the house so that the water has a clear passage.

Cracks in the foundation are a whole other problem. Over time the foundation settles and causes cracks across the walls. Sometimes they are tiny and won’t be much bothered but other times they can be a huge headache. Water can seep in through these cracks and damage the house. Foundation cracks are not something that you should try to solve on your own.

Call the foundation crack experts in Kitchener, the basement waterproofing pros and they can address the problem once and for all with expert know-how and professional-grade tools. With your basement permanently dry, you can begin your exciting basement renovation project!

With these tips, you will have a better understanding of your Kitchener home’s water management and you will be better prepared to take on a foundation waterproofing project. If you have any questions or require a free foundation consultation on your home, contact The Crack Doctor today!

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