Why Use the Internal Subfloor Drainage System/French Drain?

May 13, 2013

There are two ways to waterproof a wet basement. Both methods use a drainage system and waterproof membrane.

One way is to excavate the foundation outside, replace the weeping tile drainage system, and install a waterproof membrane on the foundation wall.

The other way is to install an internal subfloor drainage system /French-drain.

THE CRACK DOCTOR works with an exclusive, proprietary line of products designed to solve wet basement problems from the inside as an alternative to replacing weeping- tiles outside. Our system carries a lifetime transferable warranty and is a permanent solution for a wet basement.

Cinder block or construction block foundations are excellent candidates for this repair as the foundation is hollow. The internal subfloor drainage system or French-drain involves creating a trench through the floor along the edge of the leaking wall. Pipes for the drainage system are placed in the trench and covered with gravel. Holes are drilled below the floor in the bottom row of blocks to drain water from the wall. Cove base flashing is installed in front of these holes to allow the drainage of water into the system under the floor. Waterproof membrane is often installed to cover the foundation wall which connects to the drainage system. System is often connected to a sump pump. New concrete is poured to repair the trench in the floor and construction would occur as per usual with no special considerations.

THE CRACK DOCTOR’S internal subfloor drainage system or French drain carries our famous lifetime transferable warranty and is a permanent solution to a wet basement as an alternative to weeping tile replacement.

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