Your Oshawa Wet Basement May Seem Dry This Winter, But a Permanent Fix Requires Basement Waterproofing

Jan 16, 2015

It’s an odd occurrence that happens to many Oshawa homeowners: When wintertime kicks in, your ordinarily wet basement may suddenly seem dry. You don’t hear any water dripping between the walls, the amount of mould appears to not be growing and there are no pools in the corners of the space. Could it be that your leaks healed themselves? Unfortunately, no. Despite a lull in your wet basement issues, if you have experienced a wet basement and never got it permanently fixed by The Crack Doctor, you still require basement waterproofing.

Why Your Typically Wet Basement May Appear to Be Bone Dry during Winter

In Oshawa, it’s not uncommon to experience freezing temperatures for long stretches. During this time, water in the earth isn’t moving unless it’s quite deep. Plus, water on the surface of the ground freezes and remains in a frozen state – think of all that ice and snow we got last year! – so it just isn’t going anywhere.

At this time of year, it can be common for homeowners who usually have to deal with wet basement problems to begin to hope that their issues will somehow go away. But when the spring thaw comes, your wet basement problems will return.

Wet Basements Can Be Waterproofed Even in the Winter

Knowing that it’s impossible to get your foundation to heal itself without the help of experts, it’s essential to call a pro like the team at The Crack Doctor. After an evaluation, you’ll know how extensive the damage to your basement is, and how you can save yourself years of further damage by getting basement waterproofing services now.

Permanent foundation waterproofing can be performed even in winter. Today, most modern repairs are accomplished from inside and a qualified professional like The Crack Doctor will explain the solutions at no cost.

Best of all, after you get your basement waterproofing finished, you can be certain that you won’t ever have to deal with a wet basement again. And that will make your springtime even more pleasant!

Contact The Crack Doctor today at 1-866-788-3288 to learn more about their complimentary basement evaluation.

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