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Your damp, mouldy basement is the source of many problems:

  • Health Hazard – Among other health problems caused by mould, it aggravates allergies, triggers asthma and irritates your eyes and nose.
  • Damage to Your Home and Belongings – Mold growth rots wood and ruins furniture and clothing.
  • Musty Odours – Mold makes your home smelly.
  • Reduces Property Value – No one wants to buy a home with a dampness, mould and mildew problem.


You Need The Crack Doctor’s Solutions for a Dry and Mold-Free Home

If you have a problem with dampness, mould and mildew in your home, The Crack Doctor has the solutions that eliminate the causes and correct the symptoms.

  • Stop Water from Entering Your Basement – The Crack Doctor is your exclusive source for effective basement waterproofing products that drain water away from your home before it enters your basement.
  • Get Rid of the Water in Your Basement – Keep your basement dry, even from internal water problems, like plumbing leaks, with The Crack Doctor’s exclusive range of sump pumps and basement floor drainage systems.
  • Take the Moisture out of the Air – Have clean, dry, filtered air throughout your home, and stop mould and mildew from propagating with The Crack Doctor’s full line of extra-duty dehumidifiers and air filters.


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Why Choose The Crack Doctor?

You can count on the qualityreliability and professional, courteous approach that has made us a preferred choice for making your home dry and mould-free. We are an award-winning company with a highly respected reputation. We provide an industry-leading warranty and guaranteed waterproofing solutions, not opinions.

  • Our professional repair methods exceed building code requirements
  • You are protected – our warranty is better than a new home warranty
  • You enjoy minimal interruption to your home life and the utmost respect for your property and belongings
    • Our courteous and professional specialists will work with you to determine the best solutions for improving your home
    • We get rid of your mould with minimal interruption to your home life and the utmost respect for your property and belongings
    • You have our guarantee on all the work we do and any equipment we install
    • The Crack Doctor has the experience, expertise and quality products you need to eliminate the dampness, mould and mildew in your home.

Contact The Crack Doctor today at 1-866-788-3288 and enjoy a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable home.

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A Canadian Success Story

The Crack Doctor is a truly Canadian professional, accredited full-service waterproofing company able to permanently solve any problem with a wet basement from inside or outside with or without digging.

We know and understand the specific challenges that the Canadian climate can create when it comes to water management and your home.

Exclusive Solutions

We use systems, technologies and formulations that are owned by us and are exclusive to our company. Our procedures and techniques have had a revolutionary effect on the waterproofing industry.

Our process that we created has now become the accepted standard and when followed will create a complete, permanent waterproofing fix for any wet basement.

We Can Help

The Crack Doctor has helped more homeowners make their wet basements dry than any other waterproofing company in Canada.  Our highly trained experts are Master Waterproofers and are able to fix any wet basement problem small or large.

Let’s Make Your Basement Safe And Dry

Mould and Mildew are smelly, and unsafe and can reduce your home’s overall value.  Fortunately, we have the right solution that will cure your home of this condition.  Say goodbye to mould and mildew once and for all.

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