Addressing a Sinking Foundation

Jul 6, 2022

It may not seem like it, but the earth below you is moving. Granted, it is moving very slowly and most of us don’t notice. However, while we may not notice, our houses certainly do. Movement in the soil over time can cause foundations to become lopsided or sink, adding major issues to the integrity and livability of the home. Why does this happen and how can you address and fix the problem? Let’s take a moment to find out.


Whether or not your foundation is at risk for sinking will depend on what the soil and rock composition is like where you live and how the soil was compacted. Expansive clay is commonly associated with sinking foundations. It will move and shift over time in ways that gravel, sand, and rock will not. Many places in the GTA and throughout Ottawa will have this problem. Thankfully, there are a few solutions for you to consider.

Stopping the Sinking

Your main goal is to return your home to the correct position. This will begin by identifying whatever existing damage is currently done. The foundation will be carefully analyzed for potential weakness. Possible solutions will be a pier and beam foundation fix or a slab foundation repair. Which one you ultimately end up using will depend greatly on the structure of your home. More often than not, only a single side or two will require foundation work to stop the sinking. By adding more material and helping to displace the weight over a greater area, you can reverse the sinking foundation and no longer be at an incline.

Contacting a Professional

When you run into issues with a sinking foundation, you will need the expertise and care of a professional foundation repair specialist. A great deal of consideration has to be given in order to find the right solution. The angle of the home sinking, the structural integrity of the foundation, and the best place to provide additional support are all things that will have to be carefully worked out ahead of time. The sooner you contact a professional to have a look, the less expensive the overall costs will be. Don’t find yourself waiting until it is too late and permanent damage has been done to your home’s foundation.

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