Make Basement Crack Repair an Autumn Priority for Your Ottawa Home

Sep 18, 2014

In your quest to turn your Ottawa house into a dream home that you would be proud to invite guests over for, you may have had long conversations with neighbours about DIY projects, and consumed articles on recommended home fixes and improvements. Or you may have browse through, feeling inspired by all the possible renovation ideas, and lost track of time (it’s a guilty pleasure, we agree!). As we head into autumn, we have less time available to get going on home improvements and renovations before the winter freeze hits. There will always be an assortment of different available repairs and improvements we can choose to do, but it’s now time to prioritize! While cosmetic home improvements are one of the popular renovations homeowners choose to do, we actually recommend working on existing structural repairs, such as basement crack repair.

For many people, basement cracks may seem like a small cosmetic issue. It may not hit their radar if they don’t visit the basement regularly. And often times, they may believe that by filling up the crack, it will resolve the problem. However, too often, basement cracks are an indication that your home may have a structural issue. Your foundation is under pressure, and the symptoms manifests itself in the cracks you see in your basement. Cracks in your walls can also potentially lead to leaks in your basement, especially during rainy and snowy weather.

These cracks can often be repaired through injection, positive side waterproofing, or negative side water control. However, it’s best to get in touch with a waterproofing expert, such as The Crack Doctor, for more information about which permanent solution would best fit your needs.

In preparation for the winter coming ahead, it’s always recommended to take the proactive approach, and fix any outstanding home repairs. Get a head start now on your basement crack repair so that you’re not left stressed and worried when winter comes! For more information, contact The Crack Doctor at our Ottawa location now.

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