The Crack Doctor’s Foundation Crack Repairs

May 16, 2013

The Crack Doctor’s permanent high pressure expanding urethane resin injection is designed for solid poured concrete foundations.

There are six generally excepted methods of foundation crack repair. These fall into three categories:

  • Injection
  • Positive side waterproofing
  • Negative side water control

There are two materials which are commonly injected into foundation cracks to make them stop leaking: urethane resin and epoxy resin. These materials can be injected at either high or low pressures which comprise four of the six methods.

Epoxy was designed for non leaking structural repairs. Urethane was designed for non structural leaking repairs. Epoxy is a non flexible construction adhesive and urethane is a flexible waterproofing material.

The high pressure repair uses compression equipment generating an excess of one thousand lbs pressure injecting resin into high pressure injection fittings filling the full thickness of the foundation wall with the repair material penetrating through the foundation crack to the other side of the foundation wall

The low pressure repair uses a caulking gun injecting into plastic straws generating very little pressure and achieving little to no penetration of the repair material.

Positive side waterproofing involves excavating the earth to expose the crack from the outside and applying a waterproof membrane over the foundation crack.

Negative side water control involves channelling the water under the basement floor, also known as a French- drain.

The Crack Doctor has developed a permanent crack repair using our high grade two part water activated high pressure injected expanding urethane resin which is injected at 1100 lbs pressure to the center thickness of the foundation crack which fills the full thickness of the foundation wall from inside to outside and remains permanently flexible ensuring a permanent repair.

The Crack Doctor’s foundation crack repair carries a lifetime transferable warranty to be waterproof.

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