You Can’t Use Paint as a Foundation Repair Fix on Your Ottawa Home

Sep 25, 2014

Have you been hearing ads that suggest basement foundation repair is a reliable way to fix the leaks in your Ottawa home’s lower level? Just as anything that sounds too good to be true, this is an absolutely myth! In fact, paint cannot hope to address the true reason that your basement becomes wet whenever it rains outside.

Why Paint “Foundation Repair” is a Misconception

Paint manufacturers might have you believe that a coat or two of their product will help ward off puddles in your home, but paint just doesn’t have the right consistency or the ability to completely block out water. Remember that paint is not resilient in this way; it is meant as a covering, not as a shield. Water is extremely powerful – just look at how a slow, but steady, drip can eat away holes in rocks and metals over time!

Although you might feel better after painting your cinder block foundation with a “waterproofing” substance, you won’t be happy for long. Eventually, the water that has been causing trouble will find its way in again. You’ll be left with an even bigger mess than before, and you’ll also be out the money you spent on the paint.

Save the Painting for after You Really Repair Your Basement Foundation!

The answer is to work with a basement foundation repair company like The Crack Doctor. The Crack Doctor’s proprietary system of repairing all kinds of foundations is a permanent solution that will allow you to finally enjoy your basement without the worry of wetness ruining the walls, flooring or your items.

After your basement is truly dry, you can start painting, but with colors! In fact, you might just love your space so much that you decide to totally redecorate it. If that’s the case, send The Crack Doctor the finished product so we can see how our basement foundation repair has turned your Ottawa home into the showplace you deserve.

Want to learn more about The Crack Doctor’s process to permanently repair foundations? Call their offices today at 1-866-788-3288 and begin your journey to a dry basement for you and your loved ones.

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