Foundation Repairs

The Repair of a Foundation Should Be Handled By Someone Who Understands The Problem

Foundation crack repairs may seem like big issues to homeowners, but they are often relieved to discover that repairs are available in many forms. The key is to work with a company that understands what materials and solutions to use, as well as which ones will be more likely to provide lasting results.
Common Issues
Here are some common reasons why foundations may crack.
1. Cracks in solid poured concrete: This is a common repair issue. The Crack Doctor has a permanent repair for foundation cracks which can be performed from either inside or outside. Our repair fills the full thickness of the foundation wall from one side to the other with a permanently flexible waterproof resin which is injected at the center thickness of the crack at over one thousand lbs pressure. Our repair is permanent and carries a lifetime transferable warranty to never leak again, or we will fix it for free.
2. Drainage Issues: Drainage problems can involve weeping tile or drain tile, window wells, sump pumps, French Drains, Subfloor drainage systems or yard drainage. Foundation drainage systems can be replaced or installed from either outside or inside. However, yard drainage is always performed from outside.
3. Leaking walls: Walls made of cinder block, construction block, stone, rubble or poured concrete can all leak. Waterproof membranes are used to protect whole walls or foundations from water infiltration. These membranes often rely on a drainage system and can also be installed from either outside or inside.
4. Structural Repairs: Small reinforcement repairs can be performed using carbon fiber, epoxy, helical piers or small sections of foundation replacement. Larger structural failures often require full wall or foundation replacement. These repairs can also be performed from either outside or inside.

Outside Foundation Crack Repairs
Some foundation crack repairs must be addressed from the exterior of a property. Outside excavation and waterproofing of a foundation crack can be a permanent repair; however, it is a challenging repair due to the dangerous, destructive nature of excavation and working below-ground.
Foundation crack repairs that are considered to be permanent and successful are those that use multi-membrane repairs. These are installed after excavation, and are tied into the weeping tile drainage system. Another solution is to repair the crack with the high-pressure urethane resin injection system. This type of system uses high-pressure injection fittings that are installed to intersect the crack at the center thickness of the wall. This material expands and fills the crack from the inside-out and remains permanently flexible.

Inside Foundation Repairs
When foundation crack repairs are necessary from the inside of a house, a French drain can be installed. This is a type of internal sub-floor drainage system that covers the leaking crack or wall with a waterproof membrane. The membrane directions water into the ground under the floor, ultimately preventing contact with finishing materials. This avoids mould growth and severe water damage.
As with outside foundation crack repairs, high-pressure urethane resin injection systems can also be utilized to create a permanent waterproof seal.
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HELPFUL TIP: to avoid the temporary crack repairs be sure to stay away from anything that is injected with a caulking gun, any repair material that is not flexible, and band aid repairs.

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Why Choose The Crack Doctor To Repair Your Home’s Foundation

You can count on the qualityreliability and professional, courteous approach that has made us a preferred choice for fixing foundation problems for many of the major home builders and contractors. We are an award-winning company with a highly respected reputation. We provide an industry-leading warranty and guaranteed waterproofing solutions, not opinions.

  • Our repair methods and solutions exceed building code requirements
  • You are protected – our warranty is better than a new home warranty
  • You enjoy minimal interruption to your home life and the utmost respect for your property and belongings
  • We make the entire process easy and as non-disruptive as possible
  • The Crack Doctor understands your foundation, how it is constructed and how it should perform. Repairing a failing foundation is important and can be performed from the inside or outside.  The repair methods used by The Crack Doctor are permanent solutions and are tried, tested and proven.
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The Crack Doctor is a truly Canadian professional, accredited full-service waterproofing company able to permanently solve any problem with a wet basement from inside or outside with or without digging.

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The Crack Doctor can diagnose and repair your overly moist crawl space and make it healthy and dry.  Our recommended repair for your home’s crawlspace will be the right one for your particular home and situation.

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