10 Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Jun 15, 2015

Every aspect of your home relies on your home’s foundation for support and stability. If something is wrong with your foundation, you may notice indications around your home, some more obvious than others. If you notice any of these ten signs, your home may need foundation repair. Act quickly to take care of the problem before it spirals into a bigger, more costly repair project:

Exterior Signs

  1. Small cracks. Small cracks are somewhat normal and are usually non-structural, but you should still be vigilant as they could show bigger problems are on the way. If any cracks are wider than three milimetres in width, it’s time to call the experts.
  2. Diagonal cracks. Take a tour of the outside of your home. Diagonal cracks that ascend up the side of your home almost like a staircase can be an indication of structural stress. Bricks and mortar begin to separate due to shifts in the foundation.
  3. Standing water. Is water collecting near the foundation of your home? It could be an indication of drainage Drainage problems combined with a foundation crack means water will penetrate into your basement, which is a terrible combination.
  4. Separation around doors. Do you notice separation around your garage door or exterior entryways? Not only is it a sign of foundation problems, but it could be costing you money every month in higher energy bills.
  5. Roof leaks. Roof leaks may be an indication that your foundation has shifted. Roof leaks can lead to water damage and threaten the structural integrity of your home by causing wood beams to warp or rot.

Interior Signs

  1. Interior cracks. Inspect every room for cracks, especially in corners, along with the ceiling, and around doors and windows.
  2. Sticking windows. Do you find your windows difficult to open? Do they stick? It could be a sign of a shifted foundation.
  3. Sticking doors. By the same accord, sticking doors or doors that now seem crooked is also a sign of a sinking or shifting foundation.
  4. Fireplace cracks. Just as foundation troubles can cause exterior bricks to crack, they can also cause bricks around your fireplace to crack.
  5. Popping nails. If nails are popping in your walls, it could be a sign of foundation problems.

If you want an expert’s eyes to determine if you need foundation repair, call us today. We are leaders in the basement and foundation repair industry, and we’re here to help.

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