Keeping an Eye on Interior and Exterior Signs of Foundation Problems

Jul 6, 2015

Being a property owner is no easy task. You must be vigilant and keep your eye on many things, because an ounce of prevention could save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. Keep a watchful out for any of these interior or exterior signs of foundation problems. Foundation repair experts can get to the problem immediately so the problems don’t worsen:

Interior Warning Signs

It is natural for homes to settle and shift over time. However if your home experiences many of these warning signs or they seem more severe than normal, you should contact our foundation repair experts to address the issue head-on. Examples of interior warning signs of foundation problems include wall cracks, sloping floors, sticking doors and windows, and bowing walls.

Outdoor Inspection

If the exterior of your home isn’t right, those problems could soon creep inward. Take the time to inspect the exterior of your home or contact foundation repair experts to conduct the inspection on your behalf. Use a measuring tape and a level to determine if your foundation is straight or if there has been significant bowing or shifting. Measure the distance from the top of the foundation to the ground at different locations around your home. Is the height equal? Use a level to see if your walls are leaning or bowing.

Concrete Scaling

Scaling is when the surface layer of concrete begins to flake or peel. You can investigate whether your concrete has the issue and has begun deteriorating by poking at the foundation with a metal implement. If it crumbles or breaks, contact our foundation repair experts immediately.

Rotten Wood

If you have wooden beams or posts that show any signs of rotting, it is a sign that moisture has caused damage. Moisture enters your basement through foundation cracks, so contact our experts to seal the hole and prevent any further damage. Rotten wood beams and posts will need to be repaired or replaced.

Interior Moisture

If your basement shows signs of interior moisture, dampness, or mould growth, this is an indication that water has entered your basement through foundation cracks. In addition to hiring foundation repair experts to seal the cracks, it is important to make sure your gutters and downspouts are in good working condition to direct water away from your home.

Be a vigilant homeowner by performing regular inspections and keeping an eye out for signs of foundation problems.

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