Call a Basement Crack Repair Pro before Putting Your Toronto Home on the Market

Feb 9, 2015

You have been waiting for this day for months – you finally are ready to take the step and move to a new Toronto home. Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, or perhaps just moving due to your occupation, you want to make it official. Before you call your realtor, however, it’s important to get all those “to do” items finished… including basement crack repair.

Why Basement Cracks Could Cost You Big time in Real Estate Negotiations

Even if you have the “perfect” number in mind in terms of what you want to make when you sell your home, you may be surprised to learn that you aren’t going to get what your neighbors got when they sold their properties. Even if your house looks the same as theirs on the outside, and the acreage is similar, your basement issue could significantly lower the perceived value of your residence.

For instance, take two Toronto homes that are about 1500 square feet and sit on about a quarter acre of real estate. All other things aside, they’re comparable… except that one has a wet, leaky basement due to cracks in the foundation. A potential buyer who sees both properties will immediately feel that the one with the damp basement is worth less than the one with the dry basement. Consequently, any bids he or she makes will be lower for that property.

Paying for Basement Crack Repair Is Cheaper Than Losing Dollars in a Real Estate Deal

Basement crack repair may sound like it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, but it really doesn’t have to at all. When you work with The Crack Doctor Basement Waterproofing Group, you have the advantage of zero percent financing and other options. This allows you to fix up your basement now to gain better real estate negotiating advantages in the future. Plus, The Crack Doctor’s work comes with a lifetime transferrable warranty that can be given to the new homeowners.

Not only is this an attractive incentive to potential buyers, but it may just make your home look even better than your neighbors’. In any case, it certainly won’t hurt to be able to showcase a usable basement area free from mould and leaks.

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