Diverting Water Away From The Foundation

May 23, 2013

Grading the slope of the ground away from the house and extending the downspouts are both common methods of water diversion.

Many people believe that if you get the water to flow away from the house, the basement will be dry.

This seems reasonable but the truth is that though these efforts are helpful in controlling surface water, much of the hydrodynamic activity is happening underground, even under the floor of the basement which is often unaffected by localized runoff diversion.

The Crack Doctor’s position is that the foundation either leaks or it doesn’t leak. If it doesn’t leak, then it doesn’t matter that there is water outside. The important thing is that the foundation is waterproof.

That being said, I do not mean to give the impression that it’s not a good idea to keep eaves troughs, downspouts and grading in good repair as it is a very good idea to keep water away from the house. However, it’s never made a wet basement dry.

If your foundation leaks, it needs to be repaired and not have water kept away from the leak.

The Crack Doctor is able to make wet basements permanently dry from inside or outside – with or without digging.

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