Inspecting Your Home in the Spring

Apr 29, 2015

We’re well into spring, and you’re probably more concerned about how your tulips are growing than the status of your foundation and basement. If you haven’t inspected your home yet, do it immediately to prevent a wet basement problem from developing:

Inspecting Your Foundation

  • Take a close look at your above-ground foundation. Inspect for cracks or deterioration in the concrete.
  • Inspect all your window wells. Make sure they are still attached and have not separated or lifted from the foundation.
  • If there any leaves or similar springtime debris in your window wells or drains, clear them out to ensure the drainage system is not blocked.
  • Check the grading of your house and make sure everything slopes away from your home and foundation. If something is amiss, contact us and we’ll get it solved.

Inspecting Your Basement

  • If you have a finished basement, always inspect the perimeter for signs of moisture. This can be anything from visible wetness to peeling or cracking on the walls. If you notice any evidence of moisture, contact the Crack Doctor’s wet basement specialists to take care of the problem right away.
  • If you have an unfinished basement, look for cracks in the walls or floors. If you notice even a hairline crack, contact us right away to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Inspecting Your Home’s Exterior

  • Check all your windows, doors, vents, and wherever siding meets brick and make sure there are no caulking gaps.
  • Inspect your gutters. If they are clogged with debris, damaged, or missing, they must be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Always use proper safety precautions.
  • Similarly, make sure your downspouts are not clogged, damaged, or missing. Clear them out, repair them, or replace them as needed.

Inspecting Your Roof

  • If your home has a chimney, hire an expert to inspect the brick surface and mortar joints for deterioration. Replace or repair any elements of the chimney that need to be upgraded.
  • A professional should take a look at your roof for damaged or missing shingles or damaged flashing. Your roof is your home’s main line defense against water damage, so it’s important to stay on top of things.
Make sure your home is in good shape for the spring season and beyond with these important steps. If you do notice signs of a wet basement problem, contact The Crack Doctor and we’ll solve the issue.

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