The Foundation Inspection & Assessment Process

May 10, 2013

A wet basement is a serious concern which must be effectively corrected to avoid unnecessary expenses and losses. This makes it vitally important that your foundation assessment is performed by a certified waterproofing expert. Such an assessment is available to all of The Crack Doctor’s customers, free of charge.

The Crack doctor’s free foundation assessment involves a site visit to inspect the condition of the foundation, the grade of the property, downspout discharge points, extensions or lack thereof, condition of eaves troughs, widow wells, sump pumps, and points of water entry are all expertly assessed. If mold is identified, its remediation will be discussed with the customer.

After careful assessment is conducted, our expert will teach you about your homes foundation and explain their findings. The repair options will be discussed, including both inside and outside solutions and repair information including procedures and pricing is left with the customer.

The Crack Doctor is able to fix any problem with a wet basement. We can permanently fix your wet basement from inside or outside, with or without digging.

Latest Foundation Crack Repair Tips

crack doctor expert beside sump pump

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