Ottawa Homes May Require Basement Foundation Repair from Earthquake Damage

Nov 24, 2014

While earthquakes in Ottawa do not happen all the time, they do happen.  For example, in May 2013, two earthquakes were felt in Ottawa and Quebec.  Rating 5.2 and 4.1 on the Richter scale, the earthquakes shocked citizens who had never experienced the ground violently shaking before.  If seismologists are to be believed, these won’t be the last major earthquakes to occur in the Ottawa region, either.  Thus, it’s important for homeowners to check with a professional and determine if they need basement foundation repair.

Ottawa Homes Are Not Los Angeles Homes

Homes that have been built in Ottawa and neighbouring communities are not built to withstand earthquakes the way structures are in more earthquake-prone areas such as those in southern California.  This means properties may be more susceptible to the earth shifting that occurs when a seismological event takes place.In other words, Ottawa homeowners may be living in buildings that have sustained almost imperceptible (to the naked eye) damage.

Earthquakes, even minor ones, can cause major issues for structures.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Shifts of the earth around the foundation of the structure;
  • Movement of the materials that make up the structure, such as cinder blocks, floorboards, walls and roofs;
  • Hairline (or bigger) crack development between joints, doors and windows; and
  • Movement below the basement floor (or to the basement floor) of the home.

Each of these outcomes can substantially decrease the integrity of the structure to the point of it being unsafe for human inhabitation.  However, much of the damage that occurs below ground can be tackled with basement foundation repair.

Basement Foundation Repair As a Practical Response to Earthquakes

Basement foundation repair procedures are a practical and cost-effect response to any kind of earthquake phenomenon.  A professional basement foundation repair team, such as The Crack Doctor, will assess the property for even the smallest of fractures or other issues.  Then, a comprehensive plan to remedy the problems can be put into place.  The end result is a home that is safe and protected, as well as one that will likely be better able to withstand another seismic shift in the earth.

If your home went through the 2013 Ottawa earthquake, it’s time to call The Crack Doctor for a free assessment.  Don’t delay; the next earthquake that happens in our area may rattle more than your windows and nerves.

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