Why Exterior Waterproofing is The Best Defence for Your Kitchener Home

Jun 29, 2022

Even if your home was built by the finest tradespeople and craftsmen around, using the latest and greatest construction materials and practices, the truth of the matter is that homeowners are always going to have to put thought into preventing, addressing, and repairing the “wear and tear” that Mother Nature can do to a home.

One of the most important aspects of the maintenance and safety of your home is keeping your foundation rock solid and steady. The best way to ensure a sturdy, solid foundation is to take the necessary steps and precautions to protect it from the outside. Taking measures to “waterproof” your basement from the inside out will help, but it’s not nearly as effective a solution as exterior waterproofing.

Stop Leaks at The Source

Exterior waterproofing solutions should be your first line of defence against foundation leaks in your home. This enables you to block any water from penetrating your foundation in the first place, preventing the problem at the source.

Interior-based basement or foundation waterproofing solutions are intended to provide an extra level of protection – a backup solution – in case you have any minor leaks coming in from the exterior. This should not be your primary defence.

Without first treating the source of the problem from the outside in, you will be left in a perpetual cycle of investigating issues and hunting down new leaks – a timely and often frustrating endeavour.

Exterior waterproofing methods are a much more practical solution and will allow you to relax and enjoy your home without having to worry about any new leaks finding their way into your foundation.

Protect Foundation Walls

Exterior waterproofing is integral to maintaining and upholding the structural integrity of your foundation – the base structure of your home. If you only protect your foundation from the inside, the outer walls will be left exposed to the elements. Left untreated, long-term exposure to sun, heat, water, and wind – and even small animals – can cause your foundation to erode.

Ensure routine maintenance on the exterior foundational structure of your home to prevent these issues that could cause costly damage – and an unnecessary headache – if left untouched.

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