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Foundation Repair in Vaughan:  It’s Our Specialty

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Vaughan is a city to the north of Toronto with a population of more than 288,000 people. Vaughan is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada and is part of the booming GTA region. Vaughan is home to Canada’s Wonderland, the largest amusement park in the country. Other attractions include Vaughan Mills mall, Reptilia Zoo, and the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame. Vaughan natives include Premier Mike Harris, businesswoman Elizabeth Arden, NBA star Andrew Wiggins, and comedian Russell Peters.

Vaughan’s varied landscape and property developments present many complex challenges in terms of basement waterproofing. Whether you live in an older single-family home or a new high-rise apartment building, you need to be aware of cracks, leaks, and drainage issues in the basement. The Crack Doctor has been waterproofing basements in Vaughan for more than 30 years.

The Crack Doctor Waterproofing Group repairs more damaged foundations and wet basements than any other company in Canada. Vaughan residents trust The Crack Doctor for our quality service, reputation, and famous lifetime warranty. Word of mouth is our greatest asset, and we have a strong reputation in Vaughan for delivering on our promises.

Trust Vaughan’s Wet Basement Repair Experts

The Crack Doctor is a leading foundation repair company in Vaughan. We seek to elevate the reputation of the industry as a whole, and our track record includes:

  • Waterproofing and repairing thousands of foundations in Vaughan and throughout the GTA.
  • We deliver permanent solutions to our clients’ main concerns. No matter how complex the project, our engineers will design a repair solution that works.
  • We exceed modern building code requirements with Carbon Fiber technology to strengthen, waterproof, and protect your home’s foundation and basement.
  • Industry leaders in weeping tile replacement and membrane installation.
  • We carry accredited membership with The Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The Best Basement Waterproofing in Vaughan

Home and business owners in Vaughan turn to The Crack Doctor for all their wet basement repair, foundation repair, and basement waterproofing needs. Our other related services include crawlspace solutions, basement finishing, and mould remediation to keep your basement dry and protected. From simple crack injections to complex excavation projects including weeping tile replacement, call us for all your waterproofing needs.

No one does basement waterproofing and foundation repair better than The Crack Doctor. We provide internal and external solutions backed by our transferable lifetime warranty. We work tirelessly to give you permanent peace of mind and keep your basement protected and dry.

To learn more about hiring The Crack Doctor Waterproofing Group for your basement waterproofing needs in Vaughan, call today for a free assessment at 416-665-8222.

We’re Waterloo’s Leading Basement Crack Repair Specialists

The Crack Doctor specializes in fixing Wet Basements and has become recognized within the construction and home-improvement industry as the leading, most trusted name.

A Canadian Success Story

The Crack Doctor is a truly Canadian professional, accredited full-service waterproofing company able to permanently solve any problem with a wet basement from inside or outside with or without digging.

We know and understand the specific challenges that the Canadian climate can create when it comes to water management and your home.

Exclusive Solutions

We use systems, technologies and formulations that are owned by us and are exclusive to our company. Our procedures and techniques have had a revolutionary effect on the waterproofing industry.

Our process that we created has now become the accepted standard and when followed will create a complete, permanent waterproofing fix for any wet basement.

We Can Help

The Crack Doctor has helped more homeowners make their wet basements dry than any other waterproofing company in Canada.  Our highly trained experts are Master Waterproofers and are able to fix any wet basement problem small or large.

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