Basement Finishing in Oshawa Can Head off Headaches Caused by Mould Growth

Aug 20, 2014

Have you or a family member begun to get increasingly bothersome headaches every time you set foot in your house or spend some time at home?  This may be a sign that you have a mould growth problem that has gone unchecked. Mould growth can trigger a variety of physical ailments in humans (and pets, although that is a subject for a different article!), including headaches of varying intensities.  Among the ways you can stop mould growth in its tracks is through basement finishing in Oshawa or any other city throughout Canada.

When discussing basement finishing as it relates to mould growth, it should be made clear that we are speaking of comprehensive finishing, not merely decorative finishing. Mould spores can still foster if the only basement finishing that takes place is a coat of new paint or installation of flooring. Even mould remediation isn’t enough to take care of the mould spores that are causing an allergic reaction in the humans of the house in the form of headaches. Instead, thorough basement finishing has to take place.

First, it’s necessary for a basement waterproofing company such as The Crack Doctor to evaluate your basement.  Professionals who are trained in this field will be able to spot issues that you may not realize exist. Remember that moisture and mould go hand-in-hand; however, you may not always be able to see where the moisture is occurring. In fact, most homeowners are shocked to discover that their “dry” basement is really a wet basement in disguise!

Fortunately, The Crack Doctor can remedy the situation by permanently waterproofing the basement and foundation so no further mould can develop. This means that any mould present can be completely eradicated forever, and any headaches that are being caused due to the presence of mould should cease.

After the basement has been completely dried out, a basement finishing project can begin in full force.  This may involve a complete overhaul of the look and function of the basement, or may simply be a way to add useable storage space for the family’s items that are not needed on a regular basis.  Either way, the key point is that the basement will no longer be a health hazard to those living in the home.

It is up to you to protect those you love by maintaining a household atmosphere that is free from toxins such as mould spores.  For more information on The Crack Doctor, please call their offices today at 1-866-788-3288.

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