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Is Your Problem Weeping Tiles, Or Something Else?

Basement leaks are by far the most common house repair faced by homeowners. In fact, 98% of all homes will have a leak in the basement at some point, and insurance companies report basement water damage due to foundation leakage to be the most common insurance claim made by homeowners.

When the basement leaks, many people assume there must be a problem with the weeping tile. Though this might be the case in some circumstances, it is rarely the actual cause of a wet basement. After performing tens of thousands of foundation repairs over many years, our experience at The Crack Doctor indicates that the most common causes of basement leaks in order of percentage are as follows:

  1. Foundation Cracks
  2. Leaking Tie Rod Holes
  3. Leaking at The Wall Floor Joint
  4. Leaking Window Wells
  5. Leaking Cinder Block or Construction Block
  6. Leaking Sill Plate
  7. Leaking Stone Foundations
  8. Incorrectly Calibrated Sump Pump
  9. Weeping Tile

Weeping tile replacement is the least common type of foundation waterproofing repair that would be required.  However, it does occur.  If a failed weeping tile foundation drainage system is the cause of a wet basement, The Crack Doctor will be able to identify the problem correctly.

How The Crack Doctor Helps with Weeping Tile Problems

The Crack Doctor is a full-service waterproofing company able to solve any problem with a wet basement, often from inside or outside (with or without digging.)  This includes dealing with weeping tile issues that may be turning your basement into a spot where water comes up through cracks in the floor.

photo of clogged weeping tile

Weeping tile or drain tile is the drainage system at the base of the foundation designed to remove water and help keep your basement dry.  The weeping tile is either made of thin, perforated, corrugated plastic or clay.  The clay or terra cotta pipe found in older homes is very brittle and will collapse with little effort, creating a bigger problem.  Additionally, plastic pipe is not strong enough to be effectively cleaned.

Therefore, instead of cleaning the weeping tile, it’s usually better to consider a replacement of the old system, or the installation of an internal subfloor drainage system (aka, a French drain), which is about half the price of weeping tile and is guaranteed for the life of the building.

photo of weeping tile repair

Trust Your Weeping Tile Needs to The Crack Doctor

At The Crack Doctor, we have helped tens of thousands of families enjoy a dryer, healthier basement. We are an accredited member with Good Standing at the Better Business Bureau.

If you have questions about your weeping tile or you would like a free assessment on the condition of your system, we would like to help you.

We Can Repair Any Weeping Tile System

Although weeping tiles are normally the least likely cause of a wet basement it is possible that they need a repair of some kind.  If this is the cause of the problem we can remedy the situation and have your home’s water management system performing the way it was designed to.  Our french drain system is also a cost-effective solution.

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