3 Ways a Wet Basement Could Affect a Family Member’s Health

Feb 15, 2014

A wet basement isn’t simply a pain; it can also cause serious health problems for humans and pets.  Unfortunately, many people ignore this fact, as they assume fixing a wet basement isn’t “worth it”.  Any person who has experienced health issues like the one below knows that it’s nothing to disregard.

#1: Wet basements create the perfect environment for mould and mildew to grow

Mould and mildew need an environment that has a humidity of at least 60 percent.  A basement that’s consistently damp (or floods regularly) will provide the ideal location for spores to feed and multiple.  Once in a home, mould and mildew can affect children and adults in a wide variety of ways, including: increasing asthmatic responses to lowered indoor air quality; increasing the chance of headaches and migraines; increasing incidents of common cold and flu; and increasing allergic reactions in those with sensitivities to mould.

#2:  Wet basements attract insects

Like mould, some bugs and “creepy crawlies” love moisture.  A wet basement, if left untreated, will become a favorite spot for them to congregate, mate and build colonies.  Many people are allergic to insects such as spiders and millipedes, and having these critters in a house is not conducive to cleanliness or wellbeing.  Besides, sowbugs and pillbugs aren’t just a nuisance; they’re a detraction to anyone interested in buying a home.  Thus, they could negatively affect the re-sale value of any property because it will be deemed as “infested”.

#3:  Wet basements can set the stage for fires

This might seem counterintuitive, since “wet” and “fire” don’t usually go together.  In this case, though, they do.  A wet basement can lead to structural damage to a home.  It can also lead to electrical system damage.  (Plus, mice and other rodents attracted to a wet basement may decide to chew on electrical cords, which can cause sparks.)  It only takes a small ember to cause a fire, and the health toll on a family could be devastating.

To avoid physical issues due to wet basement problems, it’s critical that all Canadian homeowners take the first step and call a reputable basement waterproofing company such as Toronto-based The Crack Doctor.  Not only is this a pragmatic approach to an issue that could cause long-term health woes, but it’s also a smart way to protect a family’s real estate investment.

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