Don’t Let April Showers Bring You a Wet Basement!

Apr 10, 2014

According to meteorologists, this spring should be ideal for homeowners throughout Cornwall who are eagerly anticipating the April showers they need to bring tons of flowers and blooming trees to their yards.  Unfortunately, all those rains may also cause an unwanted side effect:  wet basements.

Wet basements are a concern faced by many individuals and families throughout Cornwall this time of year.  That’s because the ground, which has been frozen for the majority of the winter, is suddenly forced to accept large amounts of liquid in the form of precipitation.  If a home’s foundation has even the smallest cracks, the water will seep inside the walls, resulting in a basement that could be anything from a little damp to a veritable “indoor pool”.

The solution to this issue is to waterproof the foundation before the wet basement occurs.  This is a job best handled by a professional, and not a do-it-yourselfer.  It’s also a job that should be undertaken at the first sign of a wet basement, because wet basement situations will not rectify themselves.

Without a waterproofed basement area, homeowners could be taking on several risks, including:

Of course, Cornwall homeowners who ignore wet basements are also setting themselves up to pay more later because they ignored a wet basement in its early stages when it could be fixed without worrying about peripheral damages.

It’s clear that April showers are going to happen; Mother Nature wouldn’t have it any other way!  Consequently, it’s critical for all people who own a house in the Cornwall area to monitor the dampness of their basements and act immediately if any moisture is seen.

Having trouble with a wet basement due to April showers?  Contact The Crack Doctor for an appointment as soon as possible!

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