Rainy Weather Equals a Wet Basement

Apr 15, 2014

There’s little doubt that people throughout Ottawa are thrilled that it’s finally spring.  After the harsh winter we’ve endured, we’re all excited to enjoy a warming trend; however, the one issue with all the melting snow and rainy weather is that there are likely to be plenty of wet basement issues throughout Ontario.  This is going to be the case even for homeowners who never dealt with wet basements before.

The freeze-thaw cycle that causes potholes in the roadways also causes damage to homes’ foundations.  Unless the foundations have been professionally waterproofed, they are going to eventually crack in places.  Obviously, this becomes the perfect situation for spring rains that have seeped into the earth to leech into the basement area.

Regardless of whether or not the wet basement problem is physically small or large, it’s something that must be dealt with sooner rather than later.  Wet basements cannot resolve themselves.  Thus, homeowners in Ottawa need to secure the help of pros who understand how to best remedy the situation.

Unfortunately, any person can claim he is an expert in this unique industry; there is no licensing, training, testing, monitoring or experience required.  In other words, any person can call himself a foundation waterproofer without ever having fixed a wet basement!  That’s why it’s essential that all Ottawans carefully vet the company they choose for any kind of foundation waterproofing repair.  After all, waterproofing a basement can have a dramatic effect on a home’s value, not to mention the health of the home’s occupants.

For those in Ottawa dealing with spring’s wet basement issues, only one company has the reputation and expertise to handle the job: The Crack Doctor.  With years in the business and a bevy of long-term employees, The Crack Doctor focuses on fixing the underlying problem, not masking the symptom, that causes a basement to become wet.  Additionally, the company maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Never allow Mother Nature to flood your home’s lower level!  A wet basement conundrum can be solved when the right partner is chosen.

For more information or to set up an appointment to discuss your wet basement, contact The Crack Doctor today.

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