Why Your House Has That Musty Odour (Hint: It Might Be a Wet Basement!)

Mar 20, 2014

Are you one of the many people who comes home to a house that smells less-than-ideal? When you take a whiff of the air, do you notice a strong musty odour? You’re definitely not alone. Many homeowners complain about this kind of problem. What they may not realize is that the leading cause of that musty aroma is a wet basement.

Before you insist that your basement isn’t damp because you’ve never seen water pooling against the walls or in the middle of the floor, rest assured that dampness can linger out-of-sight. All that water that collects in the walls and foundation eventually comes in contact with organic material. At that point, mould begins to grow. Although most homeowners aren’t excited by the science surrounding mould and its propagation, it’s definitely an interesting process. Mould proliferates by sending spores (or seeds) into the air. It also sends out waste product in the form of gasses. Hence, you’re able to detect the mould growth with your nose.

If the root cause of the mould isn’t remedied (e.g., a wet basement), more problems will develop. Eventually, the water that’s penetrating the house’s foundation, or is rising from underneath the floor, will evaporate. Since a home is an enclosed space, that evaporated H2O doesn’t dissipate. It simply increases the humidity of the home, which helps: a) the mould spores grow in new places; and b) the musty smell to travel farther.

For most homeowners, the instant reaction to mould is to remove it. Alternatively, they may run out and get a dehumidifier so they don’t notice the smell as much. However, that’s like putting a tiny bandage on a huge wound. Though you can get rid of the mould and made the air less humid, the mould will only grow back again and again until the underlying problem is resolved.

The key for homeowners is to get rid of the reason they have mould in the first place: Take care of the wet basement problem. Permanent waterproofing solutions exist to ensure that the basement stays dry, and mould development is kept at bay. Best of all, once the musty aroma is removed, your house will smell exactly the way you want it to every time you come home!

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