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A Basement Leak Can Be a Serious and Confusing Problem

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If you are a homeowner than the last thing you want to see might be a big puddle in your basement.  And it might be frustrating to not know who to call to fix the problem. With all the repair options and opinions available, it can be tough for a homeowner to decide whom to trust.  This is one of the reasons we recommend researching waterproofing companies very carefully.  You need to look for a company with many years of local service and with a BBB accreditation. This company would have performed thousands of waterproofing and foundation repairs of all types, and have a highly respected warranty and reputation throughout the waterproofing industry, a company like The Crack Doctor. At The Crack Doctor, our motto is:  “We provide solutions, not opinions.”

Basement leaks generally fall into two types:

  • Water coming from under the basement floor; and
  • Water coming through the foundation wall.

Though they both lead to the same problem for the homeowner, each type requires a specific remedy.

Water Coming From Under the Floor

When water comes from cracks in the floor, from around the flooring’s edges, or in the middle of the floor, it usually indicates that the weeping tile drainage system around the base of the foundation is not working.  If there is a sump pump installed, the sump pump is possibly not working.

This type of basement leakage problem can be corrected from outside with conventional excavation and weeping tile replacement or from inside with a sub-floor drainage system or French drain without the need to dig outside.

For inside repairs, a trench is created through the floor and around the perimeter of the basement foundation.  A sub-floor drainage system is then installed which functions much like weeping tile and is connected to a sump pump.
For outside repairs, the perimeter of the foundation is excavated all the way to the bottom.  Old, clogged, weeping tile is removed and then replaced with new drain tile.

Water Coming Through the Walls

If the source of the water is coming through the concrete foundation wall, it can also be fixed from the outside with excavation or from inside without digging.   Leaking concrete foundations are typically repaired by fixing individual cracks and leaks with an injection repair or by patching it from outside.  Depending upon the quality of the poured concrete foundation, the age of the house, and the number of the leaks, full-perimeter waterproofing using a waterproof membrane and drainage system either from outside or inside would provide maximum waterproofing protection.

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HELPFUL TIP:  Urethane resin injections cannot be used for cinder block foundations.

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