Window Well Repair

Your Window Wells Should Provide Proper Drainage

A window well is designed to keep earth and water away from the basement window and provide drainage in front of the window. Since a basement window is often a short distance below ground level a barrier between the earth and the window is required, that is the primary component of a window well. Another component is the drain which is in the floor of the window well and connects to the foundation drainage system or weeping tile.

If a window well is leaking, it is most often due to water collecting in the bottom of the well and not draining away due to a blockage of some sort. When this happens, the water comes through the basement window. This water is not always noticeable on the drywall since the wall itself is not in contact with the foundation but is built in front of it. The window sill also may be dry since it sits above the rough window opening.

If the window well has a drain in the bottom, it may be plugged. However, it can be unblocked and made to function again. If not, then reconstruction is required. This involves digging up the old well by excavating to the bottom of the foundation and exposing the weeping tile. The old drain is removed and a new drain is installed and connected to the weeping tile. After backfilling the excavation and compacting the earth, you have a new window well.

photo of window well drainage
photo of window well repair

The Crack Doctor offers accredited waterproofing services across Ontario and Quebec. We have performed thousands of French drain installations for homes and buildings. You can count on us to put a permanent end to your wet basement issues.

The Crack Doctor provides repair and replacement services for window wells, and can also install emergency egress or fire escape windows in special larger wells to allow people to get out in case of an emergency.

If you have questions about your basement or window well, contact The Crack Doctor today.

HELPFUL TIP: Your window well must be at least annually inspected and cleaned out by removing debris build-up from the bottom of the well or the drain will once again become clogged.

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A Canadian Success Story

The Crack Doctor is a truly Canadian professional, accredited full-service waterproofing company able to permanently solve any problem with a wet basement from inside or outside with or without digging.

We know and understand the specific challenges that the Canadian climate can create when it comes to water management and your home.

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We use systems, technologies and formulations that are owned by us and are exclusive to our company. Our procedures and techniques have had a revolutionary effect on the waterproofing industry.

Our process that we created has now become the accepted standard and when followed will create a complete, permanent waterproofing fix for any wet basement.

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The Crack Doctor has helped more homeowners make their wet basements dry than any other waterproofing company in Canada.  Our highly trained experts are Master Waterproofers and are able to fix any wet basement problem small or large.

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The Crack Doctor can diagnose and repair your overly moist crawl space and make it healthy and dry.  Our recommended repair for your home’s crawlspace will be the right one for your particular home and situation.

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