Fun, Practical Ways to Make the Most of Your Dry Basement

May 25, 2014

It’s been a long Toronto winter, but you’ve survived it. You’ve noticed you had a wet basement problem due to the melting snow in Toronto, and you got it fixed. Now, it’s time to enjoy your dry basement!

We recommend these fun and practical ways to make the most of your dry basement:

  • Experiment with different lighting options: Lighting can affect how you feel about a space. Whether you want a warmer and inviting atmosphere, or an intimate ambiance, you can try it out with various light sources. Place lamps at different heights, or install wall sconces to highlight decorative pieces. These light sources can also be a part of your décor arrangement.
  • The world of storage is your oyster: With your basement now waterproofed, you can make use of the space by adding different storage options. Want a space just for your kids’ toys? Or an area to store all the miscellaneous items you don’t have room upstairs for? It can be all done now. And as an added bonus, it’ll make your basement look much bigger! Think about what you want your basement space to be for, and how storage solutions can be integrated into it. “Get more with less” is your new motto!
  • Paint makes the world go round: It might seem like a given, but adding a new color of paint to your basement will improve it by leaps and bounds. It’ll remove the drywall stains that occurred as a result of your wet basement, making the space seem new again. It’ll also work with your décor to highlight the atmosphere you want your basement to convey.
  • Why not add a bar? What’s stopping you from turning your basement into your own private space, perfect for relaxing and sipping a glass of alcohol or two? It’s a great space to also invite friends over to watch a game.

Now’s the time to put into action all the dreams you had of what your basement could be! Feel free to share with us what other ideas you have.

If you’re unsure of whether there are outstanding issues with your basement that need to be fixed, contact The Crack Doctor today at our Toronto office! We’ll help you get closer to your dream basement.


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