The Most Common Signs of Foundation Cracks in Kitchener

May 9, 2016

If your home base is in the city of Kitchener and you’re starting to notice some cracks creeping up your walls, it could be time to have them addressed. Here is a list of the most common signs of cracks in your foundation that should never go unnoticed.

Cracks in exterior or interior brick.

If you see signs of cracks in bricks or running through the mortar, it could be a sign of a foundation problem. Step cracks or staircase cracks, which ascend like a staircase, are particularly problematic.

Cracks – particularly horizontal ones – begin to form on walls or above doorways.

Cracks can appear quite commonly. Most harmless ones tend to be vertical and faint. When you start to notice deeper set cracks, especially horizontal ones that seem larger towards the top – it could be time for a few repairs. Your best bet, when you’re unsure, is always to consult with a local professional.

Open cracks appear on tiles set above concrete.

When you start to notice tiles cracking, this could also be a sign that the foundation of concrete beneath is starting to weaken.

Separation of windows and doors.

Has the brick begun to separate from windows and door frames on the exterior of the home? This is a tell-tale sign that there could be trouble.

What to Do When You Notice These Signs

Once you determine that there are in fact signs of a potentially weakened foundation, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Go outside and check the exterior, depending on the location of the cracks. Look for any signs of cracks along the exterior that may correlate to the signs within your home. Look for any leaning walls or bulges.
  • Take a sturdy screwdriver and try to probe some spots of the concrete. Look for signs and spots where you can easily chip and flake away from the exterior. If your foundation is solid, you shouldn’t be able to penetrate the concrete.
  • Additionally, try to take a look at the structural components. For example, if you have a crawl space or have access to observe any supports in your basement, take a look to ensure they are standing straight and firmly. Take note of any tilts.

Once you’ve made a quick assessment, if you think there might be foundation damage to your home, call your local foundation repair company in Kitchener to help determine what steps need to be taken further to ensure the best support is achieved for your home.

With these tips, you will be better prepared to determine if your home’s cracked foundation is of a serious nature and to take on a foundation waterproofing project. If you have any questions or require a free foundation consultation on your home, contact The Crack Doctor today!

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