The Most Important Basement Waterproofing Tips for Your Kitchener Home

Oct 19, 2015

A waterproofed basement will help you to protect your home investment. After all, water damage is hard to deal with and it may negatively impact the comfort, safety, and resale value of a Kitchener home.

In order to help you put together an effective basement waterproofing plan, we’ve compiled a convenient, easy-to-understand list of the most important basement waterproofing tips. Once you’ve read our handy tips, you’ll be primed to get the job done right.

We do recommend professional assistance if you can afford it. Hiring the right wet basement repair/foundation repair company will allow you to access expert workmanship that holds up over the long term.

Once you’ve read our tips, you’ll realize that what you do outside of your home is the key to keeping the basement dry.

Install High-quality Gutters

Your roof needs the right gutters in order to drain properly. If you don’t have high-quality gutters installed, roofs may collect plenty of water. This water may migrate to your basement, triggering unwanted water damage. A great gutter system typically features a single downspout for each six hundred to eight hundred square feet of roof area. In addition, gutters should be maintained regularly, so that they are kept clean and functional.

Angle Soil Near the Foundation

Soil that isn’t sloped may also trigger water damage in basements. This is why soil must angle away from the home, with a mind to keeping rain from pooling against the walls of foundations.

In addition to taking care of these changes outside of your home, you should consider one in-house upgrade…

Having Plumbing Repaired or Upgraded

Leaking pipes/plumbing may also result in basement water issues. This is why getting your entire plumbing system checked over will be such a smart idea. If you need repairs and upgrades, you may find that getting them is the key to enjoying a drier basement.

Now that you know some practical tips, you’ll be ready to get the ball rolling. One final – and really important – tip is to access the services of a competent and respected wet basement repair/foundation repair company in your city, like The Crack Doctor. We will take care of the hard work for you and help you to protect the value, safety, and comfort of your home.

Your Kitchener home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. So, why not choose the best basement waterproofing company today? When you do so, you’ll ensure that your basement is in prime condition. If you live in the Waterloo Region and you are looking for the best Waterproofing Company then it’s time to contact The Crack Doctor.

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