Busting the Myths about Leaky Basement Repair

Feb 15, 2016

When you go about looking for recommendations from neighbours, friends and family you will often come across them saying a few things about basement repairs that surprise you. How can you separate fact from fiction? Let’s discuss a few of the more persistent myths out there about basement repairs:

MYTH: There is no such thing as internal repairs.

This simply isn’t true. Internal repairs are an effective way of sealing leaks. There are crack injections available to seal up cracks and interior drain systems you want if your basement has a leakage issue. Make sure you hire a reputed company to ensure the quality of products and labour.  The Crack Doctor performs a majority of foundation crack repairs from the inside.

MYTH: You can’t get work done in the basement during the winter.

This is only applicable to external work, because the ground is frozen. Materials used these days for interior repairs are so efficient they can even be used while the leak is happening. But the task must be handled by a professional waterproofing company, not an amateur. If you need to get external work done, then the solution will be to patch the problem temporarily with a sealant and then begin the overhaul when the temperature warms.

MYTH: Repairing foundation cracks will cost you your entire retirement fund.

While more intense foundation repair projects will understandably cost more to account for the materials and labour, modern solutions such as polyurethane injections are a very cost-effective means of sealing a leak to non-structural foundation cracks. Additionally, even a so-called “expensive” foundation repair is far less than the cost of water damage repair, mould remediation, medicine due to toxic mould exposure, a hit to the resale value of the home etc. not to mention the psychic cost of a leaky basement.

MYTH: The work is no big deal. Anyone can do it.

As we discussed in a previous blog, DIY is not the way to go. If you have money to burn, time to waste, and want to take a gamble on success, then sure go ahead. But if you want durability, value for your money, and everything at an affordable rate, then don’t hand over the task to anybody who is under-experienced. Only look for certified companies that have been around for a while, like The Crack Doctor.

MYTH: The insurance company will have them covered.

Unfortunately, this is rarely true. Most insurance policies don’t cover leakage repairs. If they do, it might be cancelled after one claim has been made. But don’t tell this be the reason to delay work that needs to be done right away.

Sealing cracks in the foundation is essential and if anybody tells you anything that you aren’t sure of, get expert advice. Contact The Crack Doctor and ask us what we recommend – we’re happy to help.

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