5 Steps for Stopping Mould Growth in Your Basement

Aug 6, 2015

Mould and mildew growth is a very common problem in basements. Whether caused by a leaky pipe, foundation crack, or other issue, mould can grow into a very serious problem that affects the health of everyone in the home. Here are some steps for preventing mould from growing in your basement:


Your basement should always be well ventilated. On dry days with a nice breeze, open up the windows and doors in your basement to keep air circulating. Even if you can’t open the windows, run some fans in the basement to move air around. Air flow is extremely important in preventing mould growth.

No Wet Items

You should never leave damp or wet items lying around in the basement because these moist items promote mould growth. Don’t leave wet laundry lying around any longer than necessary. If you accidentally spill something on a carpet or couch in the basement, make sure you clean it up and soak up all the moisture. If you had a previous leak in the basement, make sure you clear out items like cardboard boxes and books.

Dryer Vent

Make sure the vent on your clothes dryer is running clear and not clogged. If you aren’t sure, head outside when the dryer is running and make sure air is being pumped out. If your dryer is broken, call an expert to fix it. Always remove lint from your dryer after every cycle.


Place a dehumidifier in your basement if you have excess moisture in the air. You can use a moisture metre to measure the humidity level – anything above 60% might promote mould growth, so do what you can to reduce the moisture level in the air.

Directing Rainwater

Be careful about how your home slopes and where rainwater is being directed. Drains and gutters should direct water away from the foundation and the grass should slope away from the home. Make sure the grass slopes away from the home and that your drains and gutters are clear and in good working order.

If your home has an existing mould problem cause by a foundation crack, it’s time to call The Crack Doctor and get the problem solved before your family’s health is compromised. These steps are all important, but it’s only damage control if you have a foundation crack that is causing a moisture problem in your basement.

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