Why Finishing Your Basement is a Good Idea

Dec 28, 2021

When you picture your dream home, do you think about the basement at all? Must it be the dark, spooky place that gives you the creeps when you need to go down there? No, not anymore. You will be surprised to know how people are getting creative with their basement plans. It is a large part of the house and much like an empty canvas. Get your creative side on and go nuts.

Unlike other floors and areas of the house, the basement is entirely up to you to decide. It can be used as a guest suite, media room, play room, or simply a man cave where you could go to find some peace and quiet.

Here are a few reasons why finishing the basement is a good idea:

Resale Value

It is a no brainer that when you bought a house with an unfinished basement and sell it with a finished one, there has to be good value in terms of resale. Think of it like an investment, and one you can enjoy too. Even if you don’t have the desire to design and outfit the basement, simply finishing it with proper insulation and waterproofing is a necessary step for any home.

Big Families

Big family and short on rooms? You have no idea how comfy the basement can be as a bedroom. It is no trouble to throw up some walls and make a bedroom or two, as long as you have proper egress. Adding a bathroom will be more difficult/expensive especially if you don’t have existing plumbing infrastructure in place, but it’s certainly a good investment for big families. If you have extended family coming over from time to time, then it is great space to make a guest bedroom. Or better yet, if you have enough bedroom, then design a family room where you can all play board games or watch movies together. A big screen for a big space is always a good idea.


If you hate having messes lying around, then the basement full of boxes must really get to you. Finish your basement with a decked out storage room to store all your things in style. A place for everything and everything in its place! We’ve seen some really creative organization ideas in laundry rooms and play rooms, and you’d be surprised how much you can fit in a space when it’s well organized.

Surprisingly comfortable

With proper finishing, insulation, and waterproofing, basements great hangout zones with cool air in the summer. If you install a fireplace, the basement is also the place to be in the winter. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and curl up with a good book on the couch. With proper insulation, your energy bills will be under control too.


As mentioned above, the basement is your empty canvas and you do as you like. Since they are naturally so dark and gloomy you can clean it up real nice and install good lighting to brighten it up. It is a big empty space, so you can design it according to your need and liking.

If you want to finish your basement, your first step should be to call The Crack Doctor. As Canada’s largest basement waterproofing company, our team knows what it takes to make a basement dry, safe, and comfortable. Each and every time.

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