A Quick Guide to Interior Basement Waterproofing

Mar 7, 2016

You know what is really trending with basements these days? Turning that drab, dusty space into a functional paradise. Whether you want to create a home theatre, add a guest room, install a fully equipped home gym, or make an income suite, the options are endless. These are also fantastic ideas, but they only work if your basement is dry. No one wants to live, watch movies, or work out in a mouldy, musty basement!

To keep your basement clean and dry, you need to waterproof it. Basement waterproofing can be done internally to keep your basement permanently dry. The Crack Doctor is Canada’s #1 choice for solving wet basement problems…we help more homeowners and companies than anyone in the country with basement waterproofing.

Repair Cracks

Start by spotting any cracks along the basement walls and floor and seal them up. We offer free estimates for cracks, so give us a call and we’d be happy to evaluate the situation and propose permanent solutions. For solid concrete foundations, we can repair the crack from the inside with a high-pressure injection system that injects urethane resin or epoxy into the crack. Whether the crack is on the floor, along the wall, around windows, where the ceiling and wall or wall and floor meet, this solution is effective. This high-quality sealant will keep moisture from entering the basement, ensuring the space can be used to its full potential.

Beware of Who You Hire

Foundation repair is an unregulated industry. There is no licensing, training, education, or experience required to work in this field, which can be quite concerning for homeowners. Any Joe Schmo with a truck can promise to repair your foundation, but you have no guarantees about quality or durability – if they even perform the job at all. So what recourse do you have as a homeowner? Choose a company with a track record of high customer satisfaction and permanent results. Do your research, and you’ll see why The Crack Doctor comes out on top.

DIY? Not This Time

DIY is great for many things, but waterproofing the basement and fixing cracks are dangerous. Leave this job to the pros, and you can test your DIY mettle with other projects around the house.

Whether you need to remediate a moisture problem or simply want to prevent a small crack from turning into a bigger problem, we can help. We offer interior basement waterproofing to residential and commercial properties from Kitchener to Ottawa and throughout Ontario.

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