What Are the Most Common Causes of Exterior Leaks in Kitchener Homes?

Jun 15, 2016

Seasoned homeowners understand that they are at the mercy of Mother Nature – sometimes nature has its own plans in store. A homeowner’s best defence is to protect themselves against anything foreseeable and take the necessary steps to resolve any damages Mother Nature may cause.

Storms, heat and cold, climate change, wind, and a whole host of other conditions can devastate homes that are left unchecked, which is why prevention and regular maintenance – and immediate repairs when necessary – are such a critical part of keeping your home looking new and remaining safe.

While you are always going to have to contend with a multitude of different issues (usually many at once), some of the most common problems you will have are those caused by exterior leaks.

Exterior leaks are tremendously common – even in brand-new construction projects

While there have been major leaps forward in the last few years as far as construction materials designed to “weatherproof” homes and construction techniques designed to utilize those advanced materials as best they can be deployed, the truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a 100% “weatherproof” home – nature can be unpredictable and relentless.

Exterior leaks are pretty common (especially where different construction components come together to meet, like at your foundation), and you want to nip these problems in the bud before they cause costly large-scale damage.

Here are some of the most common exterior leak issues you may be exposed to:

Window well leaks

Basement windows are designed to be as weather-resistant and “leak-proof” as possible, but if your foundation was built incorrectly, if the windows were installed incorrectly, or if the gradient and pitch of the property around your foundation isn’t angled effectively away from the building, the odds are you’re going to have at least a couple of leaks to contend with. When you start to see water damage in your basement, window well leaks are one of the first things you will want to investigate.

Block and brick-style foundation leaks

Though using block and brick-style materials are a relatively common approach to constructing a solid and reliable foundation, these foundation construction materials aren’t as “seamless” as concrete, poured foundations – and they have a tendency to leak where joints occur.

Professionals sealing these foundations will do a thorough job of providing you with the highest level of protection against leaks, but over time sealant can wear away and you may have to repair or replace patches to maintain the overall integrity of your foundation.

If you think you may have a foundation leak in your Kitchener home, contact The Crack Doctor today for a free consultation!

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