How Do You Know When to Hire a Waterproofing Company?

Jul 13, 2015

If you’re the handy type, there are a lot of household tasks that can be handled on your own. You take pride in fixing problems on your own and upgrading your house piece by piece. No matter how handy you are, however, there are some problems where a DIY approach just won’t cut it, and you need to turn to the pros. Here’s how you know when it’s time to put down the DIY kits and call a waterproofing company:

After a Leak

If you have experienced a leak in your basement, it’s time to stop playing around. Either your existing repairs didn’t work, or your home has a foundation crack and you didn’t even notice it. Rather than trying to patch the leak yourself, turn to a waterproofing company and get the problem solved for good, to prevent a second leak from happening.

After a Flood

If your home is victim to a flood, it is a severe issue that deserves service from waterproofing professionals. DIY projects work when it’s a small job or you have a lot of time to try a trial and error approach. With a major situation like a flood, the issue needs to be tackled properly from the get-go, or else you might end up with serious mould growth.

Preventative Measures

Even if you do not have a recent moisture issue, you should contact a waterproofing company to inspect your basement and foundation to identify weaknesses in your structure. When heavy rain comes and your basement stays safe and dry, you’ll be glad you took these preventative measures rather than crossing your fingers that your DIY fixes were enough.

Controlling Mould

If there are any signs of mould in your basement, it’s time to contact a waterproofing company right away for mould removal. If you don’t get the mould removed, it could cause a lot of health problems for your family. Coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and trouble with breathing can all result from a mould problem in the home. Your family’s health is way too important to risk with DIY solutions. If you notice a strange odour, black or green spots on the floor, wall, or ceiling, or any of the health symptoms mentioned, get the problem taken care of ASAP.

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