Here’s How to Get Rid of Basement Mold Issues

Aug 25, 2015

There is nothing worse than opening up a basement door and taking a handful of steps down the stairs, only to meet that familiar smell. The damp, musty, stale, earthy smell that tells you that you’re in a basement, but also tells you that you’re dealing with a serious mold issue.

Almost all homes (especially those that were built at least a handful of decades ago) are fighting a mold problem in their basement every single day of the year. Unless you have taken steps to proactively prevent basement mold from taking hold, you are likely dealing with an infestation and a potential takeover as well.

There are a bunch of different reasons that you want to control this issue as quickly as humanly possible, and we are going to break down some of them below. You want to be as aggressive as you can clearing out your mold problem, as a mold issue that is left unchecked can become something really, really dangerous

Mold can be incredibly dangerous (and even potentially deadly) if left unchecked

Not all molds are bad or even dangerous, but the kind that are going to grow in your basement are almost always going to contain at least a handful of allergens and pollutants that can cause some serious health issues if the mold levels get too high.

Basement mold issues can become very toxic in a hurry, especially if they are of the “black mold” variety. These molds are considered to be toxic across the board, and have been proven to cause serious illness, infections, and (in some extreme cases) even death.

Basement mold issues need to be addressed aggressively

The reason that you need to move as quickly as humanly possible against basement mold is because you need to cut its legs out from underneath it before it has a chance to infest your entire property.

Mold that grows only in the basement can usually be self-contained, but mold that threatens to take over a property (running up the walls, into the ceilings, and eventually into the rest of the home) will always pose a very real and serious health risk.

Because mold can replicate and reproduce so quickly it requires just as speedy and as aggressive a mold removal solution, which is why you’re going to want to get a jump on this. Contact the Crack Doctor mold removal experts, kill the source of the mold, and eliminate all “generators” that are responsible for creating the mold in the first place and you’ll be able to avoid a catastrophe and nightmare situation.

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