Is Your Toronto Property Hazardous to Your Tenants’ Health? It’s Time for Basement Leak Repair!

Oct 27, 2014

Sometimes it’s difficult being a Toronto landlord. It’s not as easy as just pocketing the cheque for rent each month. Landlords are also responsible for ensuing their rented property remains a safe and habitable place for tenants to live in (this means getting a basement leak repair when you have a wet basement!). As landlords don’t live in the rented property themselves, it’s important to have open communication channels with the tenant, and be able to discuss what is happening with the rented property.

Sometimes it’s these little feedback provided by the tenant that landlords should be quick to pick up on, and determine whether their property remains healthy and safe to live in. Here are some comments to pay attention to:

  1. There’s a musty smell coming from the basement: This is one of the symptoms of mould. If you also see visible clusters of small black dots, you have a growing mould problem. When mould is left to germinate, it can cause health issues such as respiratory distress, headaches, and aggravated allergies.
  2. There’s water stains along the walls: You may have a wet basement, and require a basement leak repair. Have an expert come in to check it out as early as possible. Otherwise, you will have a mould problem on your hands.
  3. The appliances don’t work: Other than the evident frustration of being unable to use the appliance when you need to, sometimes it may indicate that there may be problems with the wiring. Wrongly installed wiring, or wiring that is fray can lead to house fires.
  4. I noticed cracks on the wall: Take note if the cracks are diagonal or horizontal, which suggests that your foundation may have a structural issue.

If your tenant has voiced these concerns, you should do an inspection to determine whether the place is hazardous to your tenants’ health, and then take proactive steps to fix it. Contact The Crack Doctor today to learn more about how we can help you!

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